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Parry game screenParry game screen


This is a game for js13kGames. It's my first time submitting a game, and also my first time seriously messing around with HTML Canvas.

Out of 163 submissions, it got in 96th place. I can't tell if that sounds impressive or not. The top 100 entries get a free t-shirt, though, so... mission accomplished!

You can see Parry on the js13kGames website here.

What's js13kGames?

js13kGames is a yearly "game jam" event, in which participants are challenged to create a game within the limits of 13kb. Each year, there is a different theme to make your game about. This year, the theme was "The 13th Century."

What's the 13th Century?

The 13th Century was a chunk of time during which, according to Wikipedia, pretty much only war happened. In this game, you play a pacifist who's just trying to survive. While a bunch of enemies attack you, your goal is to simply parry their attacks.

Game Instructions

  • Move your sword with the mouse.
  • Rotate with Q or E.
  • Parry enemy attacks by intersecting the enemy sword for half a second.
  • Try to create perpendicular angles between both swords (i.e. make a 'cross' or 'x' shape). This will give you a higher score.
  • If you don't parry the enemy sword in time, it will attack you, lowering your score.

Enemy Descriptions

  1. Peasant: Slow, but unpredictable.
  2. Barbarian: Quick, but predictable.
  3. Paladin: Like the barbarian, but smarter.
  4. Archer: Long-ranged sniper.
  5. Duelist: Skilled and precise.
  6. Dual Wielder: High-speed assassin.

Tools Used

For sound effects, I used the awesome ZzFX (github).

For collision detection, I am very thankful to Qixotl LFC for making this tutorial video. I also found Pikuma's video very informative.

Final Notes

I'm now aware that monitors can have different refresh rates... I made this on a 60hz monitor. Currently, for users with 120hz screens, this game will be 2x more difficult. Hoping to patch this eventually.